The primary role of the Industry Interface Committee of CCRM Australia (IIC) is to oversee the development of an industry consortium for the benefit of Australian regenerative medicine companies. The IIC will provide access to additional national research infrastructure and expertise and apply resources based within CCRM in Canada and other hubs for the benefit of Australian regenerative medicine companies.

The committee will support Australian companies by:

  • Identifying and brokering opportunities through partnerships and projects that encourage interactions between industry and academia for mutually beneficial purposes.
  • Promoting and accelerating access to Australian research infrastructure, academic expertise, student programs and research space.
  • Working with key Australian regenerative medicine sector stakeholders to promote business and other opportunities for Australian regenerative medicine companies.
  • Sourcing and promoting international opportunities for Australian companies and;
  • Providing access to CCRM specialist facilities, technical and managerial expertise.

Membership of the Committee includes representatives from:

  • Peak Bodies able to provide advocacy and represent the regenerative medicine sector
  • Regenerative medicine industry members
  • Universities and research institutes undertaking regenerative medicine related research and
  • CCRM Australia

Committee Members