The CCRM Australia Council includes representatives of all members of CCRM Australia and up to four independent members and is the governing board for the CCRM Australia initiative. The Council assumes the following responsibilities:

(a) Plans, budgets and reports. Such as approving an indicative plan for the realisation of the CCRM Australia program; adopting an annual central budget (after approval by the Members) approving provisional estimate of expenditure for the following years and approving the annual report presented by the CCRM Australia CEO (with or without changes as required the CCRM Australia Council).
(b) Funding, promotion and relationships. Such as developing proposals for funding of CCRM Australia, the CCRM Australia Activities and Project Work from relevant government departments and statutory bodies, overseeing the promotion and fundraising of CCRM Australia and its government relations, providing advice on the CCRM – CCRM Australia relationship to the relevant Government funding bodies and establishing the annual membership fee payable by members.
(c) Liaison and relations with CCRM, overseeing the relationship of CCRM Australia with CCRM, including liaising and coordinating with CCRM regarding key issues such as IP and shared training programs and recommending Australian representatives to the global CCRM Scientific Advisory Board.

Council members