Opportunities to receive individual feedback on your research project from venture capital and commercial company leaders

By Yuhan Liu and Nick Lam

Regenerative medicine is a field of medicine that uses the body’s natural regenerative potential to treat injuries and illnesses. It includes technologies and therapies that regenerate or replace injured, diseased or defective cells, tissues, or organs to restore or establish function and structure. It is an emerging field of medical study due to a cell’s potential to self-renew mostly indefinitely and evolve into a variety of cell types. Many regenerative medicine therapies, including wound healing and orthopaedics, have been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and are now commercially accessible. During the development of new regenerative medicine and related technologies, advice and feedback are often critical to their success. To advance the commercialisation of Australian regenerative medicine, CCRM Australia is creating opportunities for the local industry to learn from those experienced in bringing new therapies to market.

This year CCRM Australia is launching the International Regenerative Medicine SuperPitch V to allow companies and researchers to showcase their technologies or ideas, receive expert feedback and commercialisation support from CCRM Australia and — for suitable projects — further development funding.

As part of CCRM Australia’s support to the local regenerative medicine industry, all SuperPitch applications will receive feedback and suggestions from industry and research leads with insights on their projects, whether the application is short-listed. This feedback from our evaluator will be sent via email.

In addition to the preliminary feedback from the application process, short-listed projects will receive three more rounds of feedback over the course of the SuperPitch and a summary report after the pitching event concludes. The first round of feedback will be provided before the event commences. Presentation materials submitted at application will be reviewed and evaluated by our research and industry advisor based on technology readiness, commercialisation potential, protection of intellectual properties, and novelty of projects.

Shortlisted applicants will be invited to provide a forty-minute presentation to share objective data on their technologies or ideas to a panel of regenerative medicine, venture capital, and commercialisation experts from the Consortia.

After the pitch presentation, candidates will have 15 minutes of Q&A time with the panellists. They receive face to face feedback from venture capital and fund managers in leading companies in the industry. After the candidates leave the pitching room, panellists will discuss the pitch and review their preliminary feedback.

After the SuperPitch, the presentation slides will be sent to the VC and fund managers for further review. CCRM will then follow up on the interest of the VC and fund managers and gather the third round of feedback from them.

All the feedback from the panellists will be summarised and returned to the candidate along with the contact details of interested funders and the offer of an e-introduction if the candidate prefers. Candidates and their potential funders are then expected to continue discussions directly. If necessary, this can also be supported by CCRM Australia.

The event is on Tuesday 21st June 2022, and those interested can apply by submitting the Expression of Interest form via:


Applications close on the 6th May 2022 at 5 pm AEST.

For more information and general enquiries, contact: