CCRM Australia and CATTI collaborate on training initiative

January 25 (Melbourne, Australia), January 24 (Montreal, Canada) — The Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine Australia (CCRM Australia) and the Canadian Advanced Therapies Training Institute (CATTI) have entered into an agreement to advance cell and gene therapy training in Australia.

CellCAN, a Canadian knowledge mobilization network in cell and gene therapies, and CCRM, a Toronto-based leader in developing and commercialising regenerative medicine-based technologies and cell and gene therapies, launched CATTI in July 2021 to respond to the global industry’s challenge of keeping up with talent requirements. CATTI is addressing a critical and unmet need by creating highly-qualified personnel (HQP) who are certified under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and qualified for workflow under aseptic conditions to manufacture cancer immunotherapies, cell and gene therapies, vaccines and other biotherapeutic applications.

“CCRM Australia is delighted to partner with CATTI to provide access to the online and other training programs offered by CATTI,” says Silvio Tiziani, CEO of CCRM Australia. “CCRM Australia was established to promote and support Australia’s regenerative medicine sector. Therefore, creating opportunities for Australians to access the internationally recognised training programs provided by CATTI is an important objective. We look forward to working with CATTI to introduce additional training programs with input from our national partner network of organisations.“

For CCRM Australia, this agreement will complement other training programs already being offered, including the Medicine by Design Travel Grant Program and the Business of Regenerative Medicine Asia Pacific Symposium.

In turn, the arrangement will allow CATTI to access Australian subject matter expertise through the CCRM Australia Partner Network to support the adaptation and further development of CATTI programs for an Australian and global market.

CATTI’s CEO Vanessa Laflamme noted, “CATTI is pleased to work in collaboration with CCRM Australia. Establishing common minimum standards has always been an important goal for CATTI, and accessing Australian subject matter experts is a tremendous gain in strengthening our training curriculum.”

The Institute offers e-learning à la carte courses and predefined e-learning paths, and will soon offer on-site hands-on training and tailored training. It is leveraging Canadian strengths in artificial intelligence, serious games and virtual training to offer students innovative training solutions to the global field. By incorporating interactive hands-on training, both on-site and in a virtual context, CATTI can offer a superior training program to a greater number of people. The focus on maximizing training efficiencies reduces the time required to reach autonomy and deliver the most qualified work-ready talent to the job site.

About CCRM Australia

CCRM Australia is an Australian not-for-profit organisation supporting the development of foundational technologies to accelerate the commercialisation of regenerative medicine products and therapies. CCRM Australia’s focus is to bridge the commercialisation gap through a network of scientists, entrepreneurs, academic institutions and industry partners and address bottlenecks in the industry. CCRM Australia is modelled on the highly successful CCRM in Canada and is legally separate from CCRM. As a Global CCRM network member, CCRM Australia is a partner to a leading-edge industry consortium. MTPConnect and the Victorian State Government support CCRM Australia. Visit for more information.


The Canadian Advanced Therapies Training Institute (CATTI) is a partnership between CellCAN and CCRM. CATTI is developing and scaling e-learning and on-site GMP training programs for efficient and rapid upskilling of the biomanufacturing workforce required in Canada and internationally. CATTI’s goals are to fill the dearth in the available talent of HQP trained and qualified for workflow under aseptic conditions and bridge the gap between the academic background qualifications and the market readiness of HQP. Visit for more information.

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