Welcoming Dr Anita Pinar to the CCRM Australia Executive Team

CCRM Australia was established to address bottlenecks in the translation and commercialisation of regenerative medicine discoveries in Australia. Through industry events, seminars and webinars, as well as work with the Global CCRM network, CCRM Australia seeks to take regenerative medicine from “bench to bedside” through effective treatments and therapies for some of the world’s most devastating illnesses.

A goal as ambitious as this can only be achieved with the right people who can manage tricky — and sometimes competing — logistical challenges, and that’s where Dr Anita Pinar comes in.

Anita has recently joined the organisation as the Communications, Events Coordinator, and Executive Assistant of CCRM Australia. Working actively with its CEO, Mr Silvio Tiziani, and COO, Dr Chih Wei Teng, Dr Pinar facilitates and delivers on commercialisation channels, local and international engagement, and strategic project planning across a range of stakeholders.

“Working with CCRM Australia uniquely facilitates combining biomedicine, regenerative medicine, and the broader scope of commercialisation,” says Anita about what attracted her most to her role with the organisation.

Completing her PhD at Monash University in Biomedical Sciences, Dr Pinar focused on researching the role of the innate immune system’s biochemical “inflammasome platform” and interleukin-1b in inflammatory diseases using immunological and cardiovascular models. During that time, she worked in and led several biomedical research initiatives, projects, and teams across immunity, stem cells, and cardiovascular disease — leading to her interest in regenerative medicine and models.

Anita helped translate projects to develop novel anti-fibrotic strategies to treat cardiovascular fibrosis. She also has extensive international and national experience working as a professional peer reviewer providing strategic planning and reviewing of content. She’s also organised and delivered seminars, lectures, and workshops — as well as worked on strategic planning and communications with Biomedical Discovery Institute’s International Scientific Advisory Board.

Prior to her role with CCRM Australia, Anita had experience with managing and delivering projects across different timelines; this has become invaluable in her current position. “Being a part of CCRM Australia’s framework in increasing the commercialisation potential for Australian academic researchers is a rewarding experience,” she says.

“Silvio and I warmly welcome Anita to CCRM Australia,” says Dr Teng, COO of CCRM Australia. “Our experience working with Anita has already been excellent, and we look forward to working with her further.”