CCRM Australia announces the Expert in Residence Program – bringing much-needed experience and specialist expertise to Australia’s regenerative medicine sector

CCRM Australia has formed the Expert in Residence (EIR) program in response to a growing demand for access to domain expertise in the unique aspects of the regenerative medicine industry by the rapidly growing Australian regenerative medicine sector.

“In establishing the program, we have carefully selected recognised Australian professionals with the specialist advisory skills so needed for this sector,” said Silvio Tiziani, CCRM Australia CEO.

“Combining insights derived from their longstanding experience with Australian and international regenerative medicine initiatives and their specialist area of expertise, the ‘Expert in Residence’ team and their networks are now available to provide support services to local regenerative companies, research organisations and researchers at all stages of their product development.”

Initial members of the Experts in Residence Program team include

  • John Martin: CEO, chairman, director and adviser of ASX listed and emerging private technology and high growth businesses.  Former CEO of ASX listed Regeneus Pty Ltd.
  • Dr Tina Soulis: clinical trials and regulatory expertise drawn from operational knowledge and industry experience in various therapeutic areas, including first in human studies, devices, endocrinology, oncology, neurology, gastroenterology, rare and pediatric diseases and vaccines. 
  • Rob McInnes: IP advisor, and one of Australia’s highest recommended patent and technology licensing lawyers. Rob advises established businesses, start-ups, research organisations, and investors in the commercialisation of novel technologies, and in the intellectual property-related aspects of major transactions. He is a specialist in the structuring and negotiation of contracts for the development and commercialisation of innovations.
  • Emeritus Prof Claude Bernard: eminent researcher and consultant with research expertise in human central nervous system degeneration, immunology, pathology, evolutionary genetics and neuroscience.

The CCRM Australia Expert in Residence Program will complement the CCRM Australia Launch Unit, established with the Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine, to identify and evaluate technology and its further development, company conception, incubation, and launch activities. “Along with the CCRM Australia Scientific Advisory Committee, we believe we now have access to the best scientific and business minds in the Australian regenerative medicine ecosystem,” said Silvio Tiziani.

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CCRM Australia Expert in Residence Program Announcement