CCRM Australia announces the Clarity Unit – providing thought leadership and analysis to facilitate the commercialisation and diffusion of regenerative medicine in Australia

CCRM Australia is proud to announce the formation of its Clarity Unit.  The CCRM Australia Clarity Unit will adopt an academic focus that will provide market research and reporting to accumulate thought leadership and analysis – to facilitate the commercialisation and diffusion of regenerative medicine in Australia. The Clarity Unit aims to be:

  • THOUGHT LEADING: an opinion leader regarding the development of critical ideas and policy for the Australian and global regenerative medicine sector.
  • DEMAND DRIVEN: engaging with all key stakeholders within the regenerative medicine sector and at a national level when defining problems and co-creating solutions. By engaging stakeholders from the start, we increase the likelihood of ideas and solutions being embraced and adopted at the end.
  • INTERDISCIPLINARY: drawing together an interdisciplinary team of experts using a collaborative research model and an extensive CCRM national and international partner network. Complex problems as seen in regenerative medicine therapies transcend disciplinary boundaries and requires scientists, policymakers, industry and academics to work together.

The adoption of an interdisciplinary, multi-institutional, demand-driven, team-based approach will be fundamental to the way problems that transcend disciplinary boundaries can be addressed.

CCRM Clarity activities will include but are not limited to:

  • researching and developing regenerative medicine business models and the diffusion of regenerative medicine technologies into the healthcare sector
  • curating industry and research sector data to support the development of new policies and strategies concerning Australia and international markets
  • analysing clinical and social information that help support funding, grant applications and business strategies
  • developing and writing opinion and blog articles for publication in appropriate print and online publications

The Clarity approach is designed to foster open, collaborative, multi-sectoral, and impactful research.

Clarity will also support the Australian regenerative medicine sector in delivering impactful outputs – often of the non-traditionally academic variety – such as scoping studies, technical guidelines, case studies, explainers and infographics to reports and articles, including co-authored international scientific papers.

Our goal: to produce better quality evidence-based research in regenerative medicine.

For more information, please contact: Dr Chih Wei Teng, Chief Operating Officer at

About CCRM Australia

CCRM Australia is an Australian not-for-profit organisation supporting the development of foundational technologies to accelerate the commercialisation of regenerative medicine products and therapies. CCRM Australia’s focus is to bridge the commercialisation gap through a network of scientists, entrepreneurs, academic institutions and industry partners and address bottlenecks in the industry. CCRM Australia is modelled on the highly successful CCRM in Canada and is legally separate to CCRM. As a member of the Global CCRM network, CCRM Australia is a partner to a leading-edge industry consortium.