Griffith Hack announced as Spotlight Partner to Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine (CCRM) Australia

The Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine Australia (CCRM Australia) is proud to partner with Griffith Hack in advancing the Australian regenerative medicine sector.

As a Spotlight Partner of CCRM Australia, Griffith Hack also becomes an Industry member of the Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine and joins a growing international consortium of over 100 companies in the CCRM Industry Consortium.

Not only will Griffith Hack enjoy partner benefits extended to all CCRM Industry members, including regular sector updates and connection with other partner companies, this leading IP firm will also be supporting and having an active role in selected CCRM Australia programs.

The 2-year strategic partnership with CCRM Australia as a Spotlight Partner also provides opportunities to identify mutually beneficial shared projects towards which both parties can add value; by leveraging mutual expertise and respective programs to enhance Australia’s regenerative medicine sector.

Principal Dr Malcolm Lyons, who will lead Griffith Hack’s engagement with CCRM Australia, shared his enthusiasm about the agreement reached. “The possibilities regenerative medicine innovations hold for improved healthcare outcomes are truly exciting. That Griffith Hack can play a role in helping bring cutting-edge ideas to life by supporting the important work of CCRM Australia is a development I am thrilled with” Lyons said.

CCRM Australia’s CEO Silvio Tiziani noted, “CCRM Australia is incredibly pleased to be working with the Griffith Hack team, led by Principal Dr Malcolm Lyons.  Our programs and associated networks will provide valuable insights to Griffith Hack into the dynamic regenerative medicine sector, both in Australia and internationally.  In return, Dr Lyons and the broader Griffith Hack team will be able to play a greater role in supporting local regenerative medicine sector participants, both academic and industry.  Our view is that increasing expertise and enhancing involvement in this sector can only be good for everyone.”


About CCRM Australia

CCRM Australia is an Australian not-for-profit organisation supporting the development of foundational technologies to accelerate the commercialisation of regenerative medicine products and therapies. CCRM Australia’s focus is to bridge the commercialisation gap through a network of scientists, entrepreneurs, academic institutions and industry partners and address bottlenecks in the industry. CCRM Australia is modelled on the highly successful CCRM in Canada and is legally separate to CCRM. As a Global CCRM network member, CCRM Australia is a partner to a leading-edge industry consortium. MTPConnect and the Victorian State Government support CCRM Australia.

About Griffith Hack

Griffith Hack works to build, protect and grow businesses through IP. Griffith Hack offers a multidisciplinary team, bringing together technical and legal perspectives on IP. As the largest filer of domestic patent applications, Griffith Hack is the firm of choice for Australian business. Griffith Hack’s service offering is designed to protect clients’ valuable IP whilst enabling them to achieve maximum value from their IP assets. Griffith Hack’s comprehensive IP strategy assists clients in maximising all aspects of their IP; from research and development, through to protecting and exploiting brands and technologies. More than just a safe pair of hands, Griffith Hack is a  trusted advisor to its clients.


For more information, please contact:

CCRM Australia: Dr Chih Wei Teng                     

Griffith Hack: Dr Malcolm Lyons