BioBusiness Insights – Opportunities in Regenerative Medicine

CCRM Australia, in collaboration with BioMelbourne Network, will be delivering a series of stand-alone webinars focusing on the regenerative medicine industry. Comprising presentations from both local and international speakers, the seminars aim to deliver insights and knowledge on themes that drive business success both locally and internationally, uniting the industry across research, translation and commercialisation, and progressing trade and export activities with key global markets.

Supporting local enterprises with global ambitions, the seminars will provide an important opportunity to drive international connectivity and showcase Victoria’s capabilities to a wide-reaching audience across the APAC region.

Through virtual participation, attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the local and global markets, the opportunities and challenges that exist for regenerative medicine businesses across the APAC region, and an insight into the successes and failures of those who have navigated the complex pathway to market before us.

This series aims to inform a broad yet focused audience of professionals with strategic intent or general interest in the thriving regenerative medicine sector. BioMelbourne Network and CCRM Australia encourage business executives, established and emerging scientists, entrepreneurs, managers and decision makers, and government representatives across the APAC region to attend.

The seminars will be delivered over a 4-month period, with one keynote speaker presenting per session. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage with the speakers through an online Q&A platform and have their questions discussed throughout the session.

The event program is designed with flexibility in mind. Attendees can opt to register for the complete series, or a select few, pending their specific interests.

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