Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine Australia and The Medtech Actuator in partnership to accelerate the translation of medical devices in the Australian regenerative medicine sector

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The Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine Australia (CCRM Australia) is proud to partner with the MedTech Actuator to advance the translation and commercialisation of medical devices in the Australian regenerative medicine sector.

Australia has a vibrant and world-class regenerative medicine eco-system and is internationally recognised for its discovery and translational research.  However, the segment of regenerative medicine medical devices is niche and often neglected in favour of developing biopharmaceutical therapies and tissue engineering. As a result, the relevant expertise and dedicated financial capital required to assist researchers and early stage medical device startups presents a critical need.

The memorandum lays the foundation for joint commercialisation programs between CCRM Australia and the MedTech Actuator. The scope promotes identification of mutually beneficial projects towards which both parties can add value by leveraging their expertise and respective programs with the goal of joint translation of medical devices within the regenerative medicine sector. Where appropriate, both CCRM Australia and The Medtech Actuator will support each other’s programmes to train the next wave of entrepreneurs on the business of regenerative medicine.

The MedTech Actuator’s CEO Dr Buzz Palmer commented, “Regenerative medicine has received increased focus from the Australian government and others globally. Partnership with CCRM Australia not only gives us to access to expertise in regenerative medicine but also provides the Actuator with confidence in tapping into opportunities where medical technologies can play a critical role.”

CCRM Australia’s CEO Silvio Tiziani noted, “CCRM Australia is thrilled to be working with Dr Buzz Palmer and his team at The Medtech Actuator to support this growing segment of the regenerative medicine industry.  It’s clear that the development of key devices and instrumentation will be critical for this industry to grow and to realise the full potential of the regenerative medicines which are now being developed.  Australia can rightly play a key role in the development of these critical devices.”

The signing of the memorandum brings together two unique areas of regenerative medicine and medical technologies to pave a viable translation and commercialisation pathway for Australian researchers and startups.

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About CCRM Australia: ccrmaustralia.com.au/

CCRM Australia is an Australian not-for-profit organisation supporting the development of foundational technologies to accelerate the commercialisation of regenerative medicine products and therapies. CCRM Australia’s focus is to bridge the commercialisation gap through a network of scientists, entrepreneurs, academic institutions and industry partners and address bottlenecks in the industry. CCRM Australia is modelled on the highly successful CCRM in Canada and is legally separate to CCRM. As a member of the Global CCRM network, CCRM Australia is a partner to a leading-edge industry consortium. CCRM Australia is supported by MTPConnect and the Victorian State Government.

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About the MedTech Actuator: http://medtechactuator.com/

The MedTech Actuator is Australia’s premier medical technology commercialisation initiative: priming, augmenting and developing our state-based innovation ecosystems through a nationally-focused strategy. The MedTech Actuator employs a unique, powerful and differentiated approach that: 1) is industry-led; 2) activates players across the entire innovation spectrum; 3) augments local ecosystems; and 4) fosters an unwavering technology commercialisation focus. The MedTech Actuator accelerates the commercialisation pathway for medical technology innovations and improves startup success rates through the mentorship programs.

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