CCRM Australia: building a global network

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Australia’s regenerative medicine research output is world-renowned, as evidenced by not only the volume of publications in high-impact journals but also the number of emerging biotech companies. As the peak body for facilitating the commercialisation of regenerative medicine research in Canada, the Canadian Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine (CCRM) saw an opportunity. With Australia’s strong industry and first-class expertise, favourable government support and clear opportunities for growth, there was significant interest in setting up a CCRM hub here in Melbourne, Australia.

When Michael May, CEO of CCRM Canada, approached Silvio Tiziani in 2016, an unexpected but important opportunity arose. Silvio, along with four colleagues from Monash University, the CSIRO and the state government later met with Michael to make a case for establishing and running an Australian hub of the successful CCRM.

“We had a ‘yes!’ that day” said Silvio. “The result from the pitch ensured that we were able to secure funding from Monash University, CSIRO and the Victorian Government and later from MTPConnect. Within 18 months, we developed a strategic 5-year plan and created a scientific advisory board.” These activities underscored the rapid establishment of CCRM Australia.

Leveraging Silvio’s local insight and longstanding experience with Australia’s scientific industries, CCRM has been able to extend its expansive network, forging even more connections both in Australia and overseas. “Being part of a strong foundational network like CCRM allows Australian researchers and companies the chance to connect with some of the largest and most varied regenerative medicine industry bodies across the globe.”

Before the establishment of CCRM Australia, Australia’s regenerative medicine industry already held huge potential. With the addition of CCRM Australia to the international landscape, Australian scientists in this industry are now able to capitalise on new connections with leading experts, use new specialised facilities and novel technologies and access venture capital funding. With this new global CCRM hub, having a centralised body will assist in the commercialisation of regenerative medicine, providing a fast track for new technologies, therapies and techniques at an even more rapid pace.

Not only that, but CCRM Canada also finds the new relationship with Australia to be mutually beneficial. Australia has specialised facilities served with world-class research infrastructure, with just one example being the Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication.

Looking back at what has been achieved thus far and the opportunities ahead, Silvio says that “the most exciting thing is that we’ve been able to help Australian regenerative medicine progress and get our products to international markets.” As for the future, CCRM has great ambitions. “The next stage is to support the creation of similar CCRM hubs in other leading regenerative medicine nations. We would like to think that CCRM Australia can inspire this,” says Silvio.

Through sharing our journey, we at CCRM Australia are excited to see how that unfolds and the possibilities that the future holds.

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Mr Michael May – CEO of CCRM Canada

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CCRM Australia

Mr Silvio Tiziani – CEO of CCRM Australia and the Director of External Strategy and Planning at the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute (ARMI) at Monash University.

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