Introducing RegenMedAu – CCRM’s newsletter

Silvio Tiziani

RegenMedAu is the name chosen for CCRM Australia’s quarterly newsletter, leveraging off the popular hashtag #regenmed on social media and the common abbreviation we so often use when referring to regenerative medicine in our everyday language. The additional ‘au’ neatly gives regenmed both context and location, making the title distinctly Australian.

The quarterly newsletter will serve to aggregate news from across the Australian regenerative medicine industry, particularly news relating to our consortium members and stakeholders.

The wealth of opportunities available through the CCRM global network will be highlighted in the newsletter each quarter and the impact of CCRM Australia’s engagement in accelerating the local regenerative medicine sector as well as celebrating the various milestones of our stakeholders associated with this initiative.

Please feel very welcome to provide feedback and content for the newsletter and for our social media feed. You will find CCRM Australia on Twitter @CCRM_au and on LinkedIn.  Whatever communication channel suits you, digital or in person, we look forward to welcoming you to the conversation and to this new commercialisation gateway.

Silvio Tiziani