• For Industry: Access to state-of-art discoveries, facilities and expertise in Australia and through the CCRM global network
  • For Academics: Business leaders and corporate partners to accelerate commercialization drawn from an international pool
  • For Investors: risk-mitigated and capital-efficient product development

Value Proposition

  • Network of local and international business and scientific leaders
  • Product development team to augment academic expertise and facilities
  • International industry consortium that reconciles technology push with market pull

Business Strategy

  • ENABLE unique translational platforms that address the key bottlenecks in RM commercialization
  • INTEGRATE Australia’s strength in stem cell and biomaterials sciences with dynamic business leadership
  • ENGAGE industry partners, linking to a global nexus of RM commercialization
  • INTERNATIONALISE Australian RM activities to leading RM powerhouses.

The CCRM Australia Network 


Key Funders

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Founding Partners

Building on world-leading strengths in stem cell research and biomaterials, Australia’s leading regenerative medicine researchers have come together in a coordinated, collaborative fashion to support the creation of CCRM Australia.

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Founding partners will participate in governance through representation on the Board of CCRM Australia, including defining strategy and approving additional Members & Affiliates.

Enquiries from organisations willing to be considered as Founding Partners are welcome.



 Key partners will provide academic and specialist input on a case by case basis and will include personnel from:

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Institutional partners will have priority access to CCRM Australia (Global) platforms, services and partners; will provide expertise and facilities to specific projects with priority (collaborative agreements on a case by case basis); and allow CCRM and CCRM Australia to option regenerative medicine related IP (non exclusively) on a case by case basis.

Enquiries from organisations wishing to become Affiliates are welcome.


Partners provide best in class academic discoveries and facilities.

Partners (organisations and personnel) allow CCRM and CCRM Australia to option regenerative medicine related IP on a case by case basis

An industry consortium including the existing CCRM consortium will provide RM market pull and be ready receptors for new technologies.


For additional information, please contact

Silvio Tiziani
Chief Executive Officer
CCRM Australia

P: +61 (0)3 9902 9603
M: +61 (0)4 1853 6209
E: silvio.tiziani@monash.edu